We have added a section called “Watch Lists”. Order DVD TV Shows created “Watch Lists” as a convenient way for fans to have a voice to bring their favorite TV shows to DVD. All a reader has to do is make their request be known through a specific “Watch List” (or request a new one) and Order DVD TV Shows will send you an e-mail notifying you when it is available. All Watch List requests are for complete seasons,I Want My Favorite TV Show on DVD Articles series, or mini-series only.

Since starting these Watch Lists in February, we have had an enormous response from our readers. Fans cannot get enough of signing up to our lists. We continue to get requests daily to add new ones.

By signing up for a specific Watch List, not why does issei kills rias? only do Order DVD TV Shows do the watching for you, but also by placing your name on the Watch List of your choice, will enable Order DVD TV Shows to go to the studios and request a release. Once a list grows to 1,000 or more, we will contact the studio that owns the rights and request they make it available for DVD.

Once a show has reached all of its seasons in its entirety on DVD, we will close that specific Watch List. For example, “The Cosby Show” had eight seasons in its run, when all eight seasons have been released to DVD, we will close the Watch List for “The Cosby Show”.

By far, our most popular Watch List requests are for “Beverly Hills 90120”, “One Day at a Time”, and “Get Smart”. “Welcome Back, Kotter”, “Lois and Clark”, “Walker, Texas Ranger”, and “Wings” are very strong also. The good news is, the following shows on the Watch Lists are confirmed to come to DVD this year: “Walker, Texas Ranger”, “Lois and Clark” and “Bewitched”.

I am excited about Watch Lists and have signed up for my favorites “Get Smart”, “Justice League” and “She Spies”. I ask all of you who are fans of these shows to sign up, so I can get my favorites TV shows on DVD too.


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